Tips For First-Time Short Term Rental Users

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Booking a short-term rental/Airbnb is always a cheaper alternative when traveling, especially with more than two people. You can often pay substantially less while still being able to choose your location, space, and amenities.

Everything has its pros and cons, and while short term rentals are a great tool, they still have their traps. As a first-time renter, you need to know your way around them. Here is a list of tips for first timers that can help you avoid unnecessary scams and get the most out of your first experience.

  • Narrow down your search: Winnipeg is a big city with a large selection of short-term stays. You’ll need to be very specific in what you need. Think of the number of guests joining, the budget, the location, what essentials are needed, etc. This way, your selection will be smaller and tally everything you need.
  • Look for photos: Once you’ve found a place you think is suitable, it’s time to look through the photo gallery and see if everything matches up with the description. Ask yourself, does it have a large enough patio as seen in the gallery? Does it have the necessities like a bathtub/shower or a fully stocked kitchen? Is it a studio or a whole townhouse? Sometimes, the photos can make the property look better than it is. Be sure to carefully look through each picture and judge for yourself if the rental fits right for you.
  • Always read through the reviews: Online reviews offer valuable guidance from past renters. If the short-term rental is as it says, the reviews will positively reflect that.
  • Check for reduced extended stay rates: This is for those staying at a short-term rental for more than a week. Many properties offer discounted prices for weekly/monthly stays, which is a big money saver. If a listing doesn’t show any reduction rates, don’t hesitate to message the host regarding a better price for a week’s stay.
  • More house rules: If it is your first time renting a short-term rental, pick a property with more house rules. Some short-term rentals will make a lot of upfront statements about cleanliness, etc. And while the price may differ from more relaxed properties, in the end, more rules mean fewer surprises during your stay.
  • Communicate with the owner/host before: Message the owner or host if you have any additional questions or concerns before booking a stay. Confirm the check-in times, clarify the address, and check if everything is correct before booking. It’s always a good idea to double-check and go over details.
  • Remember to read the cancelation policy: Things can happen, and last-minute changes or cancelations can always occur. It’s important to read over the cancelation policy of any rental just in case the moment arrives. Sometimes, they have a 48hr cancelation or even a fee. Whatever policy it may be, look it over before booking.
  • Be respectful: You are your housekeeper when booking a short-term rental. Clean up your messes, respect the property, and be kind to the neighbours/owner.
  • Be aware of additional fees: Whether you haven’t cleaned the place up to code before leaving, have extra guests than planned, or have a parking spot. Either way, short-term rentals will have some additional fees for anything. Check for any additional costs and add them to your budget.

We hope this list of tips helps anyone looking to book a stay for the first time. Just make sure to ask questions if you are uncertain and plan accordingly!

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