Keep a Healthy Lifestyle while Travelling

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Imagine being at home, breakfast is on the table, and it smells like fresh bread, crispy bacon, and coffee. The day just started, and you feel you have all the time in the world. You log on to the computer and realize that it is late into the afternoon. Where did the time go? You even start to lose track of the days and then realize you require a much-needed vacation. Did you know that going on a vacation trip is one of the best ways to relieve stress? According to psychological research, traveling can improve your overall mental health, allowing you to recharge your body and mind.

Another part of the equation to travel is keeping your health in check. It can be easy to veer off course and start eating junk food while connecting to your flights. But how do I remain healthy during my travel? Here are a couple of health tips to keep you on track to a better healthy lifestyle.


If I had a coin for each time I forgot about drinking water, I would have a fountain. Keep hydrated, especially when traveling. The humidity level on the airplane is lower, something that you have to be aware of when traveling. So, remember to drink an ounce of water for each pound of your weight a day.


Traveling can get very busy, eating healthy can be farther from your mind. We recommend finding the closest grocery store to where you are staying. Visiting restaurants is part of the travel experience, but one meal a day from a grocery store is a golden rule for your health. When shopping, think about buying fruits, veggies, and nuts for your room. Make a delicious salad or a charcuterie board. Let your body enjoy this trip too!


Pack a healthy snack bag, as your body will thank you later. Think about low sugar granola bars, nuts, and vitamin C. Take this snack bag with you on your walk or even work meeting. Put some fruits in that snack bag before you leave.


The best way to stay healthy is to know what to eat! According to the School of public health, the best plate is 50% for veggies and fruits, 25% for whole grains (oats, brown rice, barley), and 25% for proteins (fish, beans, nuts, meat).


Our body produces sleep molecules when we sleep. The darker the room is – the more molecules are – the better you sleep. Another good suggestion is to fall asleep before eleven PM, as our body system turns off and the organ’s work cycle is down. The fact is that the brain communicates with organs at night, sending them all the elements they need — rejuvenating your body.


There are days when it’s nice to stay in bed and watch movies, but you will feel more well-rested with physical activities. Going for a walk helps your body create serotonin, which is also key to a good night’s sleep. Just take a walk to explore local sights, and you will feel better. It also helps to relieve stress and sets you in a better mood.


With the COVID-19 restrictions slowly lifting, everyone is gearing up to travel – especially if you want to escape the cold winter season. Whether you’re planning a business trip, family trip, or personal get-a-away – you will be required to provide your vaccination document or card. Getting vaccinated adds that layer of defense you will need to help fight against the COVID-19 virus. Speak with your family doctor when traveling outside of the country.

Stay safe.

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